Appointments on the schedule
In this article, you will find a complete breakdown of what you see on the appointment menu that appears when you click an appointment on the schedule.   Element Description Appointment information Information about the booked appointment is shown at the top of the menu. The following information is displayed: […]
Managing appointment categories
You can group your appointments into categories to keep them organized. Appointment categories appear as expandable headings on the Appointments page. You can create, modify, deactivate, and reactivate an appointment category. You can also sort the appointments in each category to determine how they are displayed on the Book Now […]
Appointment type advanced settings
This article describes all the advanced settings that are available when you’re creating or modifying an appointment type. To learn about the general information settings available when creating or modifying an appointment type, see Appointment type general information settings. Setting Description Taxes A setting that allows you to select whether […]