Appointment type advanced settings
This article describes all the advanced settings that are available when you’re creating or modifying an appointment type. To learn about the general information settings available when creating or modifying an appointment type, see Appointment type general information settings. Setting Description Taxes A setting that allows you to select whether […]
Appointment Cancellation Report
The Appointment Cancellation Report is an attendance report that displays information about canceled appointments. From this report you can view the cancellation reason and reschedule the canceled appointment. In this article: To view the Appointment Cancellation Report: Summary cards in the Appointment Cancellation Report Summary card Description Total The total […]
Client Web App: Booking an appointment
Your clients can book appointments using the Client Web App. Before your clients can book appointments, make sure you’ve completed the following steps: Create your appointment types and place them into the appropriate book now tab. Ensure the appointment allows online booking by selecting the Client can book online option. […]
Purchase rules
Purchase rules allow you to specify how and when clients pay for your services. The tables below outline the purchase rules you may choose from when creating or modifying appointments, classes, events, and Book-a-Spot assets. If your business doesn’t have merchant processing set up, certain purchase rules won’t be accessible. In this article: […]
Appointment Widget
The Appointment Widget is a widget that allows your clients to book appointments at your business directly through your website or Facebook page. You can configure the widget to display appointments for all your locations or only display appointments for a specific location. From the widget, clients can select the […]
Adding a tip to an appointment
After a client has booked an appointment, a tip can be added for a staff member from the schedule. Tips added using this method will appear as a separate line item on the Payroll Details Report on the date the appointment was scheduled. To add a tip to an appointment: […]
Booking intervals
Booking intervals determine when a client can book an appointment or Book-a-Spot asset. For example, an asset with a 30-minute interval can be booked at 1:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., and every 30-minute interval after that. Booking intervals can be set to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, 90 […]