Locating deactivated services
When a service or asset such as an appointment, class, event, or Book-a-Spot asset has been deactivated, it will no longer be visible in WellnessLiving’s default list. You can choose to view these services by filtering for inactive services. To locate deactivated services: On the Services menu, click Appointments, Classes, […]
You can use SOAP and QUICK notes to take notes on your clients, their needs, or their experiences in relation to your services. Only staff members can view SOAP and QUICK notes. You can enable SOAP or QUICK notes when creating or modifying a service. SOAP notes are commonly used […]
A deposit is a type of purchase rule that requires clients to pay part of the service’s total cost before they can book a specific Appointment Type or Event. You can set this requirement under Purchase Rules by selecting Client must leave a deposit at the time of booking when creating or modifying […]
Canceling an appointment booking
If a client wants to cancel a booked appointment, you can cancel the appointment from either the client’s profile or the schedule. If multiple clients are booked into an appointment, canceling the appointment booking for one client won’t cancel it for the others. Clients can also cancel the appointment themselves […]
Booking an appointment
Your staff members can book appointments on behalf of individual or multiple clients in WellnessLiving or by using the Elevate Staff App. In addition to booking single appointments, you can also: Book multiple appointments at the same time. Book a recurring appointment. For example, you can book a recurring manicure […]