Book-a-Spot assets

Managing a Book-a-Spot asset category

You can group your Book-a-Spot assets into different asset categories to keep them organized. Asset categories appear as expandable headings on the Bookable Assets page. In this article: To create an asset category: Click ADD CATEGORY. Enter the name of the new category. Click SAVE. To modify an asset category: To move a […]

Canceling a Book-a-Spot asset booking

If a client wants to cancel a Book-a-Spot asset booking, you can cancel the asset booking from the client’s profile or the schedule. If the asset is booked for multiple clients, canceling the booking for one client will not cancel it for the others. If a visit that is paid for with […]

Booking a Book-a-Spot asset

If you have set working hours for a Book-a-Spot asset, it can be booked independently from your services. When a client books an asset, they have access to that asset for a set amount of time. A staff member isn’t needed for hosting an asset booking. When booking an asset, […]

Setting an asset’s working hours

After you have created a Book-a-Spot asset, you can set its working hours. Working hours determine when the asset is available to be booked. Working hours can be set only for assets that are available to be booked separately from services. When setting an asset’s working hours, keep the following […]