Booking services

Booking an event
After an event instance has been scheduled, staff members can book clients into the scheduled event or have clients book the event on their own using the Client Web App. For more information about scheduling events, see Scheduling an event instance. When booking an event, keep the following information in […]
Canceling an event booking
You can cancel a booked event for an individual client from the schedule. Clients can cancel their event booking through either the Client Web App or Achieve Client App. To learn how to cancel a scheduled event entirely, see Canceling and uncanceling an Event. When canceling an event booking, keep […]
Canceling a class booking
If a client wants to cancel a booked class, staff members can cancel the class booking from the schedule. Clients can also cancel the booking themselves through either the Client Web App or Achieve Client App. This article details instructions for canceling a booked class for an individual client. To […]
Booking a class
After a class has been scheduled, you can book clients for the scheduled class. Additionally, you can make recurring bookings for classes on behalf of clients who want to attend the same class multiple times. For example, if a client wants to attend the same yoga class once a week […]