Creating a QR code for a direct booking URL

QR codes can help you market your services and products to a wider audience. When people scan QR codes using their mobile devices, they’re instantly directed to a webpage embedded in the QR code. Using WellnessLiving’s direct booking URLs and QR codes together can serve as a powerful marketing tool […]

MyCurves On Demand

MyCurves On Demand is an online workout program created by Curves that can be streamed on a TV, a mobile device, or an internet browser. For more information about MyCurves On Demand, see the FAQ on the Curves website. Supported platforms for MyCurves On Demand Television Apple TV – 4th […]

Reporting a review

You may encounter situations where you feel a client has left an inappropriate review that’s publicly visible on your WellnessLiving explorer listing. If you want to report a review, send an email to The subject line of your email should be “Review Investigation”, and in the email body you […]

Franchise push rules

Franchisor businesses can push settings, such as services, purchase options, and client types, to one or more of their franchise locations. Some push settings can function on their own, while others rely on other settings (dependencies) to function properly. When you push a setting with dependencies, those dependencies, by default, […]

Checking in a travel member

One of the features available to franchisors on WellnessLiving is travel mode. If travel mode is enabled, clients of a franchise business can attend services at franchise locations outside of their home location. When this occurs, the client is considered a travel member visiting a travel location. Travel member – […]

Setting IP restrictions for staff members

You can set IP restrictions so that your staff members can only use approved devices to sign in to your WellnessLiving business. These restrictions prevent staff members from signing in from devices and locations you have not approved. For example, you could set restrictions to prevent staff members from signing […]

Viewing your business URLs

From the business URLs page, you can copy any of the URLs to your clipboard to paste to other places, such as email messages, SMS messages, or Facebook pages. In this article: To view your business URLs: Your business URLs are displayed. General Links Link Description Sign in Directs clients […]

Copying a business URL to your clipboard

You can copy a business URL to your clipboard and then paste it into other places, such as your website, email messages, SMS messages, and Facebook pages. To copy a business URL to your clipboard: In the list, find the URL that you want to copy. Click the Copy button […]

FAQ: How is location revenue tracked?

Location revenue is tracked automatically through WellnessLiving. A location must be associated with a purchase made through WellnessLiving. For business owners operating multiple locations, this helps track revenue sources and customer payment methods. When a client makes a purchase, the revenue gets attributed to the selected location. Recurring payments will […]