Modifying the purchase rules of a service
You can modify the purchase rules of an appointment, class, or event to specify how and when clients should pay for your services. To modify the purchase rules of a service: On the Services menu, click Appointments, Classes, or Events. Click on the service that you would like to modify. […]
Booking a class for multiple clients
Staff members can book multiple clients at once into a scheduled class. Using this method overrides any restrictions or rules set on the class. For example, if you book 15 clients at once into a class that has a maximum capacity of 12 attendees, all 15 clients will be booked […]
Enabling and disabling wait lists
Wait lists can be enabled or disabled across the entire system or for specific services using custom business policies. It is important to verify that the appropriate settings are in place to ensure wait lists are enabled or disabled according to your specific business needs. In this article: To enable […]
Viewing an attendance list
You can view the attendance list of a class or event from the schedule. From an attendance list, you can: Contact clients who are booked into the service. Book clients into the class or event. Navigate to the enrollment list for the event instance. View or change information about clients […]
Canceling a class booking
If a client wants to cancel a booked class, staff members can cancel the class booking from the schedule. Clients can also cancel the booking themselves through either the Client Web App or Achieve Client App. This article details instructions for canceling a booked class for an individual client. To […]
Booking a class
After a class has been scheduled, you can book clients for the scheduled class. Additionally, you can make recurring bookings for classes on behalf of clients who want to attend the same class multiple times. For example, if a client wants to attend the same yoga class once a week […]
Manually promoting a client from a wait list
Clients on a wait list for a service are automatically promoted from the wait list if a spot becomes available. You can manually promote clients from a wait list if you want to allow them to attend even when there is no officially available spot. For information about enabling or disabling wait lists, see Enabling and […]