Client notifications

Enabling or disabling automated notifications

You can enable or disable individual staff and client automated notifications across your business. Enabled notifications will be sent to all clients and staff members with the appropriate notification settings. Disabled notifications will not be sent. For information about modifying your automated notification templates and send rules, see Customizing automated […]

FAQ: Why don’t variables populate for cancellation notifications when I schedule a closed day?

When you schedule a closed day and send a notification to all affected clients, the Class Booking (Reservation) Cancelled by Staff client notification is sent. This notification is designed for canceled Classes, but when a closed day is added to the schedule, it is also sent for any canceled Appointments […]

Troubleshooting: Staff members aren’t receiving email or SMS notifications

Problem Staff members are not receiving email or SMS notifications from your business for several reasons. If you are having issues with clients not receiving notifications, see Troubleshooting: Clients are not receiving email or SMS notifications. Solution Issue Resolution The notification is not active and cannot be sent to any […]