Client profile

Troubleshooting: Why is incorrect information being saved to a client profile?

Problem Incorrect information may get saved to a client profile because of the autofill feature on your browser. Autofill is a feature on website browsers that automatically fills form fields with previously saved information. This may cause issues when using the browser version of WellnessLiving because the autofill feature can […]

Default client profile fields

This article contains a list of the client profile fields that are available and enabled by default. Each client’s personal information is displayed in their client profile. The information that can be entered is based on the default and custom client profile fields that you have enabled. For information about […]

Merging client information

If a client or staff member has multiple profiles within your business, those profiles should be merged. Merging two profiles consolidates information such as attendance history and Purchase Options. Information from the Profile Details page (such as name, address, and phone number) is not merged if you perform the merge […]

Signing an online waiver

This article provides instructions for clients to use your client self registration web app, the Client Web App, or the Achieve Client App to sign your waiver. Clients can sign waivers for themselves or on behalf of minors whose client profiles are linked as a relationship. For clients to be […]