Client types

Guests are users who purchase items at your business without registering for an account. You can allow these users to make purchases through your Client Web App and Store Widget by setting any of the options under Guest Checkout in your store settings to ON. After a guest completes a […]
Client type advanced settings
This article describes all the advanced settings available when you are creating or modifying a client type. To learn about the general settings available when creating or modifying a client type, see Client type general information settings. Setting Description Priority Wait List When this checkbox is selected, clients of this […]
Client types
Client types allow you to easily categorize, organize, and manage your clients. The default client types in WellnessLiving indicate the types of Purchase Options a client has purchased from your business and whether those Purchase Options are active or expired. For example, when a client purchases a membership, the system […]
Prospective clients
Prospective clients are clients that are not yet fully involved in your business. Prospective clients can be: Walk-ins – Prospective clients who drop by your business for the first time and want to use promotional or introductory offers to gain access to your services. Staff members can add a walk-in […]