Client Web App: Viewing a membership payment schedule

From the Client Web App, clients can view previous and upcoming payments for each of the memberships they own. To learn how to view a client’s payment schedule as a staff member, see Viewing or adjusting a client’s membership payment schedule. To view a membership payment schedule: In the top menu, […]


Guests are users who purchase items at your business without registering for an account. You can allow these users to make purchases through your Client Web App and Store Widget by setting any of the options under Guest Checkout in your store settings to ON. After a guest completes a […]

Modifying a client’s vaccination status

You can manually set a client’s vaccination status to indicate whether they are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, unvaccinated, or choosing not to disclose their vaccination status from the Overview page on their client profile. When you set a client’s vaccination status, it will be indicated by an icon next to […]