Belt settings
You can configure the settings for your belts through your belts settings page. These settings will be applied to belt promotion requirements. The table below provides an explanation of how each setting works. Setting  Description  Reset class attendance requirements after promotion  This option determines how your client gets promoted to […]
Uploading contacts to Mailchimp
In the event that your WellnessLiving contacts aren’t automatically integrating with your Mailchimp account, you can manually upload your WellnessLiving contacts to Mailchimp by exporting your contacts from WellnessLiving and importing them to Mailchimp. In this article: To export your WellnessLiving contacts: In the Client Data Report, set the date […]
Canceling a Purchase Option’s conversion
If you want to cancel the conversion set for a client’s Purchase Option, you can do so from the client’s Passes & Memberships page. To cancel a Purchase Option’s conversion: On the side menu, click Account. On the Account menu, click Passes & Memberships. In the list, find the Purchase […]
Converting a guest profile into a client profile
You can easily convert a guest profile into a client profile in cases where you’d like to manually add a guest as a client in your business. Converting a guest profile into a client profile will automatically send the client the welcome email. For more information, see Welcome email. To […]
Enabling or disabling automated notifications
You can enable or disable individual staff and client automated notifications across your business. Enabled notifications will be sent to all clients and staff members with the appropriate notification settings. Disabled notifications will not be sent. For information about modifying your automated notification templates and send rules, see Customizing automated […]
Changing a family member’s shared address
If a client is using a shared address from a family member’s profile, you must remove them as a family member before you can modify their address information. For example, if a child is using their parent’s address and needs to update this information because they’ve moved to a new […]
Elevate Staff App: Viewing a client’s schedule
Using the Elevate Staff App, staff members can view a client’s upcoming schedule and attendance history. Information for services displayed on a client’s upcoming schedule and attendance history include the date of the service, its duration, the staff member who is providing the service, and any assets included with the […]