Coronavirus: COVID-19

Zoom integration

Zoom is integrated with WellnessLiving. With this integration, you can host your virtual services directly through WellnessLiving. Additionally, your clients can register for and attend your virtual services from the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App. Before a staff member can start a Zoom meeting in WellnessLiving, you must: Connect your WellnessLiving […]

Setting up your services for virtual hosting

With FitLIVE,  Zoom integration, or another non-integrated virtual service provider, you can set up your appointments, classes, and events to be hosted virtually. Virtual services can be used to allow your clients to attend your services from their home or anywhere else in the world. When setting up virtual services, […]

Hosting a virtual service

With FitLIVE, Zoom integration, or another non-integrated virtual service provider, you can host your services virtually. When you host a virtual service through WellnessLiving, you will create a live video from the device on which you are hosting the service. Your clients can attend the virtual service using the Client […]

Modifying a client’s vaccination status

You can manually set a client’s vaccination status to indicate whether they are fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, unvaccinated, or choosing not to disclose their vaccination status from the Overview page on their client profile. When you set a client’s vaccination status, it will be indicated by an icon next to […]

Copying a virtual service registration URL

With FitLIVE, Zoom integration, or another non-integrated virtual service provider, each of your virtual services are associated with a virtual service registration URL. If your clients are registered with Zoom or have their first name, last name, and email address on their client profile, this URL will direct them to […]

Connecting or disconnecting a Zoom account

You can connect your Zoom account with WellnessLiving to provide your clients with direct access to your virtual services through WellnessLiving. If you no longer want to use this integration, you can disconnect your Zoom account at any time. If you have multiple business locations and don’t want to associate […]

Accepting donations through WellnessLiving

You can accept donations through WellnessLiving by making a donation product available to your clients for purchase. Clients can make donations by purchasing the product. Additionally, you can change the price of the donation product when making a sale to allow your clients to make donations with custom amounts. Alternatively, […]

Client Web App: Attending a virtual service

With FitLIVE, Zoom integration, or another non-integrated virtual service provider, clients can attend virtual services directly through the Client Web App. Clients can also attend virtual services using the Achieve Client App or the virtual meeting link provided in their service notifications. The attendance status of a client who joins a virtual service is determined […]