The Top Nav Bar

The Top Nav Bar is a menu displayed at the top of every page in the browser version of WellnessLiving that provides quick access to the numerous features offered by WellnessLiving. You can control which buttons appear on the Top Nav Bar to make navigation easier and more efficient for […]

Attendance Web App settings

The following table describes each setting that you can customize for the Attendance Web App. To learn how to access these settings, see Configuring your Attendance Web App policies. Setting Description Logo Determines the appearance of your company logo on the Attendance Web App. Click the image placeholder or the currently selected […]

Customizing the Top Nav Bar

You can control which buttons appear on the Top Nav Bar to make navigation simpler and more efficient for you and your staff members. To rearrange the Top Nav Bar, simply click and hold the button you want to move and drag it to a new location on the bar. […]

Self Check-In Web App settings

To ensure quick and easy attendance, your clients can check themselves in to a service using several options. Clients can check in online using the Client Web App or the Achieve Client Web App. Clients can also check in at your physical location using the Self-Check-In Web App or the […]

Client Web App settings

This following table describes all the Client Web App settings that can be customized to suit your business needs, as described in Customizing your web applications. Setting Description Website layout Select one of four layout designs for the Client Web App. Minor aesthetic changes are represented in the images. Layout 1 […]

Customizing the look and feel of WellnessLiving

You can customize the look and feel of the WellnessLiving interface for your staff members. The customizable options are: Staff Back Office – You can customize the general appearance of the Top Nav Bar, schedule, POWER Search, and dashboards. This determines how these features are displayed to all staff members. Schedule Design – You can customize […]