Isaac Churn Risk Report
The Isaac Churn Risk Report displays a list of clients who are predicted to stop purchasing products and services at your business. The Isaac Churn Risk Report uses machine learning to gather client data, identify behavioral patterns, and predict future client attrition with 87% accuracy. This helps you proactively take […]
Booking Requests Report
The Booking Requests Report is a client report that displays all appointment and asset bookings that have been requested during the selected time period. You can use this report to accept or deny booking requests. Requests that have been denied, or not yet accepted, will be displayed in the report […]
Daily Tracker Report
The Daily Tracker Report is an attendance report that displays your scheduled services and the number of clients attending each service for the selected day. From this report, you can view the attendance list for a service, cancel a service, modify the schedule of a service, or substitute the instructor […]
The dashboards feature allows you to create customizable dashboards which can contain any WellnessLiving report as well as the following tools: Isaac Churn Risk – Displays a simplified version of the Isaac Churn Risk Report, which uses machine learning to predict client attrition with 87% accuracy, allowing you to proactively manage […]
Managing a dashboard
This article describes the various options available when managing your dashboards. After you create a dashboard, you can modify it, remove a specific report from it, delete it, and change the order in which it appears on the side menu. Staff members with the Edit Dashboards, Delete Dashboards, and Share […]