Elevate Staff App

Elevate Staff App

The Elevate Staff App is a mobile app built for use by staff members that is available on both Android and iOS devices. Client attendance, billing, and contact information is now available at your fingertips, and new clients can easily be added on the go. Increasing your sales is just […]

Elevate Staff App: Making a sale

You can purchase products, packages, purchase options, or gift cards on behalf of a client via the Elevate Staff App. Making a purchase for a client involves choosing a client, browsing available items, adding a discount, and using one or more payment methods. To make a sale from the Elevate […]

Elevate Staff App: Viewing the schedule

The Elevate Staff App allows staff members to view scheduled services (such as classes, appointments, events, and Book-a-Spot assets) from the schedule. The schedule has a variety of settings that change the way it looks, including whether it displays services by location, instructor, or specific service types. You can also […]

Elevate Staff App: Managing Classes

The Elevate Staff App can be used by staff members to book a client into a class, mark a client’s attendance for a class, substitute a staff member for a class, and cancel classes. If client notifications are enabled for class cancellations, affected clients are automatically notified even if you choose […]