FitVID on Demand

FitVID on Demand

FitVID on Demand allows you to upload and store videos in WellnessLiving. Once you upload a video, you can place it in a video category, which will permit specific client types and client groups to access your videos. You can also create a FitVID Videos membership that allows clients to […]

FitVID on Demand: Subscription plans

WellnessLiving offers three subscription plans for FitVID: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. Each plan has a different monthly fee and allows you to upload a certain number of videos. In this article To upgrade your FitVID on Demand subscription plan: Click the UPGRADE or GET STARTED button to upgrade your plan. […]

FitVID on Demand settings

You can change the settings for your FitVID on Demand videos on the Settings page. These settings will allow you to create tags, set difficulty levels, and track the views for your videos. In this article To modify FitVID on Demand Settings: On the Settings page, set up your FitVID on Demand […]

Managing a video

You can make virtual instructions or promotional content available to your clients online by uploading your virtual session recordings to FitVID on Demand. After a video is uploaded, you can modify, save, or delete any videos as desired. Clients can watch the uploaded video through the Watch Video tab on […]

Managing video categories

A video category can be used to organize your videos. When you create or modify a video category you can determine which client types and client groups can access the videos placed in that category. Your clients cannot view one of your videos unless you place that video in at […]

Video general information settings

This article describes all the general information settings available when you are uploading or modifying a video. For more information on videos, see FitVID on Demand. Setting Description VIDEO UPLOAD The video you want to upload. You must select and upload a video saved on your device. The video must […]

Optimizing your FitVID videos

Before you upload videos to FitVID, optimize them by using a video transcoder to encode the original video files. Encoding your video will create a new video file that is smaller than the original, but with the same video quality. This makes it easier for you to ensure your videos […]

Client Web App: Watching a video

Clients can watch the videos that you upload through FitVID on Demand from the Watch Video tab in the Client Web App. Before your clients can watch a video, you must create video categories and assign each of your uploaded videos to a category. On the Watch Video tab, clients […]

Achieve Client App: Watching FitVID on Demand videos

Clients can watch FitVID on Demand videos directly from their mobile devices using the Achieve Client App. Clients can filter videos based on the calories, difficulty level, staff member, duration, and tags associated with the video in the video settings. Clients can also sort videos by alphabetical order, upload date, […]