Creating client surveys using Forms

You can easily create a client survey using Forms. Client surveys can be useful for gathering valuable insight and feedback about your business and the services you offer. In this article: Create the survey in Forms When you create or modify a form to use as a survey, keep in […]

Sharing a direct URL for your forms

When you create a form in WellnessLiving, a direct URL for the form is generated automatically. You can copy these direct URLs and add them to your website or send them to your clients in an email, SMS message, or push notification. To share a direct URL for your forms: […]

Forms settings

This article describes all the elements and settings available when creating or modifying a form. In this article: Form components Component Description Short Answer A field allowing for a question and optional subheading, where the user must provide an answer limited to 125 characters. Section Divider A solid line divider […]

Client Web App: Viewing your forms

Clients can use the Client Web App to view their forms. If a client has new or outstanding forms associated to their client profile, those forms will be displayed. In this article: To view a form in the Client Web App: On the top menu, click My Profile. Click the […]

Viewing, adding, and completing a client’s forms

You can view a specific client’s forms from their client profile. You can view all of a client’s forms, as well as their responses. If a form is missing from the client’s profile, or if it’s not completed, you can add or complete the form on behalf of the client. […]

Enabling Forms

Forms is a powerful tool in WellnessLiving that can help you streamline and manage your business. Forms help you qualify your new leads, sell specialized products and services to dedicated client groups, and much more. Before sending any forms to your clients, make sure your Forms settings have been configured […]

Viewing and managing your forms

With Forms, you can create customized forms to obtain your clients’ information for various business purposes. From the Form Builder page, you can view all the forms you have created, determine whether they should be open or closed, and track their performance. You can click Filter to filter the page based […]

Creating or modifying a form

Using Forms, you can easily create new forms or modify your existing forms. Creating and modifying forms can impact existing clients. For example, if you have a client who’s been attending a specific service for many weeks and you add a new mandatory form for that service, that client will […]


Forms lets you design custom forms which can be filled out by clients when they first sign up with your business, book a specific service, or purchase a specific product or purchase option. You can prompt clients to fill out a form before, during, or after booking a service or […]