Getting started

Setup guide

Thank you for choosing WellnessLiving! We are committed to making your transition to our system as painless as possible. The good news is, after your business has been set up, you will never have to set up, manage, or juggle multiple third-party products again. If you are uncomfortable with any specific […]

Onboarding timeline

Thank you for choosing WellnessLiving! This article outlines the onboarding process you’ll go through while you transition to our software. If you are transitioning to WellnessLiving from another software provider, please don’t cancel your existing subscription independently. You and your Onboarding Specialist will work together to determine the best time […]

WellnessLiving Glossary

The WellnessLiving Glossary is your go-to list to understand the terms used in WellnessLiving. If you need a more in-depth explanation of any of the terms, click the term to go to the relevant article. Term Definition Account tab Account tab is a type of purchase option service category. A […]

WellnessLiving’s security framework

WellnessLiving’s security framework uses policies and practices based on the industry standard National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework and our entire Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure is secured using best practices as outlined by AWS. Our dedicated security team is responsible for overseeing the various aspects of the […]

Setting up your available services

To ensure that the WellnessLiving system works for your business and clients as intended, you can set up the types of services that can be created in the system and sold to your clients. The services you can choose from are: Appointments, Classes, Events, Book-a-Spot assets, Gym Visits, and Belts. If […]

Contacting WellnessLiving Support

There are many ways you can contact us to let us know about a software bug or request the implementation of a new feature or improvement. There are just a few things you should know about the process before we begin: Receiving a response from Customer Support: The maximum time […]