Gift cards

Gift cards

Gift cards are a type of non-taxable voucher that can be sold in your store, through the Client Web App, the Achieve Client App or a Presence custom website. After a gift card is sold, it cannot be refunded. When a gift card is used to pay for a purchase, […]

Selling a gift card

After you have created and activated a gift card, you can sell it through your store. Gift cards can be emailed, printed, or loaded onto custom physical gift cards after they have been sold. To learn how to sell a QUICK gift card, see Selling a QUICK gift card. Clients […]

Redeeming a gift card

You can sell various types of gift cards to your clients through WellnessLiving. Staff members can redeem gift cards for a client during checkout or from their client profile. After a gift card has been sold to a client, but before it is redeemed, the gift card’s information can be […]

Client Web App: Printing a gift card

Clients can print any unredeemed gift cards they have purchased from the Client Web App. To redeem a printed gift card, use the Card# displayed above the barcode. To learn how to print a gift card as a staff member, see Printing a gift card.  In this article: To print a gift card immediately after a purchase: Complete the purchase of a […]