Door Access powered by Brivo
Brivo is a cloud-based access control solution that allows a business to grant or restrict physical access to their facilities. If your business uses or is planning on using Brivo, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless integration with WellnessLiving’s Staff Backend. This integration service is only available to customers with […]
Enabling and disabling Door Access
Before you can use WellnessLiving’s Brivo integration, you must have an account with Brivo and the required hardware installed in your facilities. You must also be set up with Brivo’s software. Once your hardware is installed and you’ve been set up with Brivo’s software, you’ll need to acquire the following […]
Types of triggers and actions for Zaps
Zapier integration allows you to create Zaps that automate your workflow. Zaps are automations that contain a trigger and one or more actions which automate your workflow. A trigger causes an action to be executed. To learn more about creating Zaps, see Create Zaps on the Zapier website. The following […]
Connecting a Zapier account
You can now connect your WellnessLiving business to Zapier to create powerful workflow automations. This reduces the time spent on completing repetitive tasks and allows you to focus on more productive tasks. To get started with automating your WellnessLiving workflow, you need a Zapier account. For more information, see Plans […]
Zapier integration
Zapier integration allows you to streamline your everyday, repetitive tasks in your business. After connecting your WellnessLiving business to Zapier, you can set up your Zaps. A Zap is an automation that consists of a trigger and one or more actions which automates your workflow. A trigger is an event […]
Uploading contacts to Mailchimp
In the event that your WellnessLiving contacts aren’t automatically integrating with your Mailchimp account, you can manually upload your WellnessLiving contacts to Mailchimp by exporting your contacts from WellnessLiving and importing them to Mailchimp. In this article: To export your WellnessLiving contacts: In the Client Data Report, set the date […]