Checking in a travel member
One of the features available to corporate enterprises on WellnessLiving is travel mode. If travel mode is enabled, clients of a corporate enterprise can attend services at enterprise locations outside of their home location. When this occurs, the client is considered a travel member visiting a travel location. Travel member […]
FAQ: How is location revenue tracked?
Location revenue is tracked automatically through WellnessLiving. A location must be associated with a purchase made through WellnessLiving. For business owners operating multiple locations, this helps track revenue sources and customer payment methods. When a client makes a purchase, the revenue gets attributed to the selected location. Recurring payments will […]
Managing a location’s image slider
The image slider allows you to upload and display images on your WellnessLiving Explorer listing. This is a great way to add compelling graphics and grab the attention of your viewers. You can easily set up an image slider in WellnessLiving for your business page. The first image in your […]
Setting up location-specific business URLs
Your website and social media business URLs can be set on a per-location basis, meaning that each of your locations may have their own specific business URLs. These URLs appear on each location’s WellnessLiving Explorer listing. To set location-specific business URLs, you must first enable the WellnessLiving Explorer listing for […]
Finding your location ID
Your location ID is the unique identifier assigned to a location after it is added to a business. It is used by the WellnessLiving Support team to identify your location when troubleshooting technical issues, helping with your location settings, or dealing with billing issues. For information on how to add […]
Changing your location
When you’re performing administrative tasks in WellnessLiving that should apply to a specific location, such as adjustments to time zone, be sure that you have the correct location selected. You can quickly change your location via the flyout menu by following the directions below. For information about changing a staff […]