Uploading contacts to Mailchimp
In the event that your WellnessLiving contacts aren’t automatically integrating with your Mailchimp account, you can manually upload your WellnessLiving contacts to Mailchimp by exporting your contacts from WellnessLiving and importing them to Mailchimp. In this article: To export your WellnessLiving contacts: In the Client Data Report, set the date […]
Mailing list integrations
Along with Groupon integration, WellnessLiving offers Constant Contact and Mailchimp mailing list integrations for your business. In this article: To view your mailing list integrations Under Integrations, click Mailchimp or Constant Contact depending on the integration you want to view. Learn more about mailing list integrations By connecting your Constant […]
Connecting and disconnecting a Mailchimp account
With Mailchimp integration, you can synchronize one of your WellnessLiving client contact lists with a Mailchimp mailing list. After you set up this integration, whenever a client profile is added or modified in WellnessLiving, the client’s information is automatically added or updated on your corresponding Mailchimp list. All fields in […]