Managing staff members

Alert Center
The Alert Center is an area in WellnessLiving where staff members receive alerts about certain activity within the system, such as client bookings or new Message Center messages. Staff members can also receive alerts on the Elevate Staff App. For more information, see Elevate Staff App: Viewing alerts. Each staff […]
Alert types
Alerts are in-software notifications that are sent to staff members whenever certain events occur, such as new service bookings. Alerts are found within the Alert Center. This article describes the different types of alerts available in the system. In this article: APPOINTMENT BOOKING Alert Description APPOINTMENT BOOKING This alert is […]
Enabling or disabling automated notifications
You can enable or disable individual staff and client automated notifications across your business. Enabled notifications will be sent to all clients and staff members with the appropriate notification settings. Disabled notifications will not be sent. For information about modifying your automated notification templates and send rules, see Customizing automated […]