Merchant processing

Third party processor consent
We currently use third party payment processors as a Third Party Offering for internet-based payment services. If you wish to make a payment through WellnessLiving Software Services, your Personal Information may be collected by such processors directly and not by us, and will be subject to the third party’s privacy […]
Barclays fees
This article outlines the fees you can expect to pay if your merchant processor is Barclays. This information is intended as a general guide. Contact your merchant processor to obtain any specific information about your account.  All fees are listed in USD unless specified otherwise.  Required fees Fee Amount Description MSC Rate (All […]
3DS payment forms
3D Secure (3DS) is a secure online payment service that serves as an authentication method for transactions. In Europe, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requires 3DS when customers complete online transactions.  WellnessLiving has no ability to influence or control requirements for 3DS. Any questions regarding 3DS must be directed towards your merchant processor. For a list of […]
Website Requirements for Barclaycard
If your business has a website and you use Barclaycard as a payment processor, there are certain criteria that your website must meet in order to be considered valid. Barclaycard performs website checks and if your website does not meet the requirements, it could lead to an interruption in your […]
Paragon Card Account Updater (CAU)
The Card Account Updater (CAU) is a paid service upgrade available to customers who use Paragon as a merchant processor. The CAU feature automatically scans for changes to a client’s credit card information, such as card numbers and expiration dates, and updates this information with Paragon for transactional purposes. This […]