Presence: Subscription plans and fees
WellnessLiving offers two subscription plans for Presence: Premium and Enterprise. Each plan has a different monthly fee and allows you to build and host a custom website for your business. After signing up for a Presence plan, you will be required to pay an initial one-time setup fee of $349 […]
Obtaining information for your Presence website
There are several web pages and features on your Presence website that display information that is pulled directly from your WellnessLiving account. If you make changes to the information in these areas of your WellnessLiving account, it will be automatically updated on your Presence website. To learn more about Presence […]
Blog posts for your Presence custom website
You can add blog pages to your Presence custom website. Having a blog and writing about topics that provide value to your audience can enhance your business’s professional image, engage existing clients, and attract new ones. To learn how to create blogs for your Presence custom website, see Writing Posts […]
Presence is a custom website service offered by WellnessLiving. With Presence, our team will build a custom website for your business that’s directly integrated with your WellnessLiving business account. With a Presence custom website, your clients can sign in, book services, and view your company’s offerings all in one place. […]