Enabling and disabling Gympass integration

Before you can use Gympass with WellnessLiving, you must enable Gympass integration with WellnessLiving. You can start this integration process directly from the Gympass page on WellnessLiving: If you don’t have an account with Gympass, you must sign up with Gympass before integrating with WellnessLiving. If you already have an […]

Using Gympass with WellnessLiving

Gympass is a monthly membership program that allows its clients to try out new fitness studios each month. When you sign up with Gympass, clients can discover and try your classes using their Gympass membership. Before clients can use Gympass to find and book your services, you must first integrate […]

Booking a service through Reserve with Google

Reserve with Google allows your clients to book appointments, classes, and events with your business directly through Google. To allow your clients to book through Google, you must first enable Reserve with Google for your business or location. To book a service through Google: Open Google in a browser window. Enter the name […]

Direct mail campaigns

The Direct Mail feature in WellnessLiving allows you to send customized postcards to your clients. You can use postcards to keep in touch with clients near the holidays, on their birthdays, or to let them know about special promotions. The Direct Mail feature in WellnessLiving has a fee of $0.80 […]

FAQ: How do I enable ClassPass in WellnessLiving?

To set up your WellnessLiving account so your clients can use ClassPass at your business, you must complete the following steps: Provide your ClassPass representative with your WellnessLiving business ID and the location IDs for each of your business locations. For more information, see Finding your business ID and Finding […]

Enabling and disabling Reserve with Google integration

With Reserve with Google integration, your prospective clients will be able to book classes, appointments, and events through Google. Reserve with Google is automatically enabled when a new business registers with WellnessLiving. When Reserve with Google is enabled for your business, it will also be enabled for all your business […]

Promotional options

WellnessLiving Promote offers you options to promote your business to prospective clients through a variety of networks where clients can discover your services. To learn more about these promotional options, see: WellnessLiving Explorer listing Reserve with Google Using ClassPass with WellnessLiving Using Gympass with WellnessLiving Promotional options set through the Promote page will […]

WellnessLiving Explorer listing

Through your WellnessLiving Explorer listing, potential new clients can discover your business and services. This listing is available to the entire WellnessLiving user base and through online search engines. To learn how to optimize your listing for search engines, see Optimizing your WellnessLiving Explorer listing. The hours displayed on your […]

Enabling and disabling ClassPass integration

Before you start using your ClassPass account, you must enable ClassPass integration in WellnessLiving. You can enable or disable ClassPass integration for your entire business or by location. For more information, see Using ClassPass with WellnessLiving. When enabling or disabling ClassPass, keep the following in mind: For franchise businesses, the […]