Purchase Options

Drop-in rates

Drop-in rates provide an alternative way for your clients to pay for an individual service booking instead of using a Purchase Option. For example, if a client wants to try one of your classes but doesn’t want to purchase a 6-month membership, they can select the drop-in rate and purchase […]

Memberships by Location Details Report (Enterprise Report)

The Memberships by Location Details Report is an enterprise report that displays a list of all client memberships that were active, expired, or on hold for all franchise locations during the selected date range. You can use the Memberships by Location Details Report to view membership details in each of your franchise locations.  In this article: To view the Memberships by Location Details Report Summary cards […]


A contract is a document you can require your clients to sign in addition to the online waiver when they are booking an event or buying a purchase option. A contract can be used to outline specific terms to which clients must agree. You can create custom contracts and use […]