Credit card and ACH/Debit refunds

Refunds for purchases can be issued to clients. The time it takes for the funds to get transferred back to the client’s account depends on when the refund was processed. For instructions on how to issue a refund, see Refunding a transaction or purchase. Credit card refund timing Credit card […]

Transaction batches and refunds

Transactions processed through WellnessLiving are processed together in batches. Your batch close time will depend on the processor that you are using. The option to void a transaction will display for 24 hours after the transaction is made, however, if the transaction has already been batched by your processor, an attempt to void will […]

Refunding a transaction or purchase

You can refund a transaction directly from a client’s profile. When you refund a purchase, you’re returning a full or partial amount that was previously processed back to the client. You can only refund a transaction after its batch has been processed by the merchant processor. If you attempt to […]

Refunding a transaction in WellnessLiving that was processed in another software

Your WellnessLiving business account and your account with any other software are not connected, and therefore specific transaction-related financial information is not shared and cannot be imported. This means that if you wish to use WellnessLiving to refund a transaction that was processed using a software other than WellnessLiving, you […]

Applying for refunds with IntegraPay

If your merchant processor is IntegraPay, you will need to apply for refund processing to be enabled for your account. To apply for refund processing, send an email to This email should contain the following information: The number of refunds you expect to process each month The average amount […]