Reports and report categories

Reports allow you to view important information about your business. They’re essential for keeping an eye on important metrics and how your business is changing over time. Additionally, reports can be useful when making changes to your business because you can view the impact those changes have. After changes are […]

Isaac Churn Risk Report

The Isaac Churn Risk Report displays a list of clients who are predicted to stop purchasing products and services at your business. The Isaac Churn Risk Report uses machine learning to gather client data, identify behavioral patterns, and predict future client attrition with 87% accuracy. This helps you proactively take […]

Generated reports

If a Sales report takes 15 seconds or more to load when you attempt to view it, the report will automatically generate in the system’s background. While the Sales report is generating, you can leave the report page and use other areas of the software. You can check the status of a report while it loads on the Generated page. When the […]

All Transactions Beta Report

The All Transactions Beta Report is a sales report that displays a detailed list of all transactions made at your business. This report provides an all-in-one solution for business owners to view and manage transactions, along with a set of filters for advanced report tracking. Filters in this report only […]

Business Hours Report (Enterprise Report)

The Business Hours Report is an enterprise report that displays the open business hours for each of your franchise locations. This article describes how to view the Business Hours Report and provides details of the columns that appear in the report. To learn how to customize and filter the report, […]

Cross-Location Visits Details Report (Enterprise Report)

The Cross-Location Visits Details report is an enterprise report that displays a detailed list of cross-location visits made by each client during a selected date range. Cross-location visits are visits clients make to franchise locations that are not their home location. This report is only available to franchisor business accounts. […]

Duplicate Clients Report

The Duplicate Clients Report is a client report that allows you to easily find and merge duplicate client profiles. This includes merging a staff member’s associated client profile with a duplicate client profile. After merging, the staff member’s staff profile will be associated with the new merged client profile. The […]

FitVID Metrics Detailed Report

The FitVID Metrics Detailed Report is an attendance report that shows details on how clients interact with your FitVID on Demand videos. This report includes information on videos viewed by clients, how clients view videos, and more. In this article: To view the FitVID Metrics Detailed Report: Summary cards in […]

FitVID Metrics Summary Report

The FitVID Metrics Summary Report is an attendance report that displays an activity summary pertaining to your FitVID on Demand videos. In this article: To view the FitVID Metrics Summary Report: Summary cards in the FitVID Metrics Summary Report Summary Card Description Average Views Per Client The total number of video views divided by the total number of clients who […]

Memberships by Location Details Report (Enterprise Report)

The Memberships by Location Details Report is an enterprise report that displays a list of all client memberships that were active, expired, or on hold for all franchise locations during the selected date range. You can use the Memberships by Location Details Report to view membership details in each of your franchise locations.  In this article: To view the Memberships by Location Details Report Summary cards […]