Rewards Program

Deactivating the rewards program
You can deactivate the rewards program so that your clients can no longer access the rewards program or earn rewards points. Your rewards points and prizes settings will be preserved. If you reactivate the rewards program, the rewards points and prizes settings that existed before deactivation will be restored. To […]
Assigning rewards points for a referral
When you enable referral rewards points in your rewards program, clients receive rewards points for referring other clients to your business. Clients will only qualify for referral rewards points if: referral rewards points are enabled; the client has not yet reached the maximum number of rewards points for referrals; and […]
Managing a contest
Contests can be created from your leaderboard to track the number of rewards points earned by your clients during a specific period of time. By offering a prize to the winner of your contests, you can incentivize your clients to use your services and make purchases at your online store. To learn […]