Booking a class for multiple clients
Staff members can book multiple clients at once into a scheduled class. Using this method overrides any restrictions or rules set on the class. For example, if you book 15 clients at once into a class that has a maximum capacity of 12 attendees, all 15 clients will be booked […]
Organizing services on the schedule
The order in which services appear on the schedule and the Custom Schedule Widget is dependent on the time of the service and their order on their respective pages in the Setup menu. Appointments and assets will not be displayed on the Custom Schedule Widget. Below is a list of […]
Booking a service through Reserve with Google
Reserve with Google allows your clients to book appointments, classes, and events with your business directly through Google. To allow your clients to book through Google, you must first enable Reserve with Google for your business or location. To book a service through Google: Open Google in a browser window. Enter the name […]
Elevate Staff App: Reconciling unpaid visits
Staff members can use the Elevate Staff App to reconcile a client’s unpaid visits. If you’re reconciling an unpaid visit with a time-sensitive Purchase Option, such as a three-month membership, the activation date of the Purchase Option automatically changes to the date of the unpaid visit. This change occurs if […]
Viewing an attendance list
You can view the attendance list of a class or event from the schedule. From an attendance list, you can: Contact clients who are booked into the service. Book clients into the class or event. Navigate to the enrollment list for the event instance. View or change information about clients […]