Scheduling services

Modifying a scheduled event instance
You can modify scheduled event instances to change specific details, such as the location, start date, end date, and the staff member instructing the sessions. To learn how to schedule an event instance, see Scheduling an event instance. Changing the date of a scheduled event session may cancel all client bookings […]
Scheduled event settings
This article describes all the settings available when modifying a scheduled event instance on the Edit Schedule page. To learn how to modify a scheduled event instance, see Modifying a scheduled event instance. Field name Description SUBSTITUTE CLASS Select a different event to replace the remaining sessions. LOCATION Select the […]
Scheduling an event instance
After you create an event, you can schedule instances of that event. Event instances refer to a series of scheduled sessions in an event; all scheduled sessions in a series are part of the same event instance. Clients can then book or be booked into sessions scheduled within an event […]