Scheduling services

Organizing services on the schedule

The order in which services appear on the schedule and the Custom Schedule Widget is dependent on the time of the service and their order on their respective pages in the Setup menu. Appointments and assets will not be displayed on the Custom Schedule Widget. Below is a list of […]

Canceling all upcoming services for a client

You can cancel all of a client’s upcoming services from their client profile. If you only want to cancel one or more specific services, see the relevant article: Canceling an appointment booking Canceling a class booking Canceling an event booking Canceling a Book-a-Spot asset booking To cancel all upcoming services […]

Canceling and restoring an event

You can cancel a scheduled event from the setup menu or the schedule. If you cancel an event by mistake, you can restore the event from the schedule. However, you must manually add clients to the restored event sessions again. To learn how to cancel a booked event for an […]

Modifying a scheduled event instance

You can modify scheduled event instances to change specific details, such as the location, start date, end date, and the staff member instructing the sessions. To learn how to schedule an event instance, see Scheduling an event instance. Changing the date of a scheduled event session may cancel all client bookings […]

Scheduled event settings

This article describes all the settings available when modifying a scheduled event instance on the Edit Schedule page. To learn how to modify a scheduled event instance, see Modifying a scheduled event instance. Field name Description SUBSTITUTE CLASS Select a different event to replace the remaining sessions. LOCATION Select the […]