Modifying the purchase rules of a service
You can modify the purchase rules of an appointment, class, or event to specify how and when clients should pay for your services. To modify the purchase rules of a service: On the Services menu, click Appointments, Classes, or Events. Click on the service that you would like to modify. […]
Creating or modifying an event announcement
The event announcement is a type of automated marketing campaign that can be used to automatically notify your clients whenever you schedule a new instance of an event. By default, the event announcement campaign is sent to all clients who previously registered for the event when a new event instance […]
Rescheduling a drop-in appointment
If a client cancels an appointment that was booked using the drop-in rate, you can reschedule the same type of appointment for the client and use paid drop-in to pay for the visit. Each drop-in purchased by a client is only applicable to that specific client. The drop-in can be […]
A contract is a document you can require your clients to sign in addition to the online waiver when they are booking an event or buying a Purchase Option. A contract can be used to outline specific terms to which clients must agree. You can create custom contracts and use […]
Booking a class for multiple clients
Staff members can book multiple clients at once into a scheduled class. Using this method overrides any restrictions or rules set on the class. For example, if you book 15 clients at once into a class that has a maximum capacity of 12 attendees, all 15 clients will be booked […]
Managing a Book-a-Spot asset category
You can group your Book-a-Spot assets into different asset categories to keep them organized. Asset categories appear as expandable headings on the Bookable Assets page. In this article: To create an asset category: Click ADD CATEGORY. Enter the name of the new category. Click SAVE. To modify an asset category: To move a […]
FAQ: How are staff commissions calculated for services?
Staff commissions for services are calculated based on the options selected in both staff member profiles and Purchase Options. It is important to ensure commission structures are set appropriately in staff member profiles. Consider the following example: A class is taught by a staff member with a single commission pay […]
Enabling and disabling wait lists
Wait lists can be enabled or disabled across the entire system or for specific services using custom business policies. It is important to verify that the appropriate settings are in place to ensure wait lists are enabled or disabled according to your specific business needs. In this article: To enable […]