Staff profile

Staff member profiles
In WellnessLiving, a staff member profile is a record of each staff member who works for your business. You can use a staff member profile to manage a staff member’s general information, the services they provide, their pay rates, and more. For more information, see Staff member profile fields. Additionally, […]
Switching between businesses
If your staff member has a staff member profile in different businesses with WellnessLiving, they can easily switch between businesses to manage clients and their schedules in each business. Staff members can select the business they want to sign in to by going to their profile flyout menu. To learn […]
Changing a staff member’s email
You can change the email address associated with a staff member’s profile. This email is used by staff to sign in to the Client Web App and Elevate Staff App and to receive staff notifications. To learn more about how to change a client’s email address, see changing a client’s […]
Opening a staff member’s profile
To view or make changes to a staff member’s settings, you need to open their individual profile. To open a staff member’s profile: Click the App Drawer button . In the App Drawer, click Setup. On the Setup menu, click Staff. On the Staff menu, click Staff Members. Click the […]
Switching to and from client view
As a staff member, you can switch to client view to book services, purchase items, or simply review changes made within WellnessLiving. When you are done, you can switch back to staff view the same way. After you switch to client view or staff view, if you click the back […]
Staff member profile fields
Each staff member has a variety of settings that can be set or modified from their profile. Review the tables in this article for information about the settings available on each tab of a staff member’s profile page. In this article: General Setting Description First name The staff member’s first name. Last […]
Signing in and out of your Wellnessliving account
Staff members and clients can sign in to WellnessLiving using their WellnessLiving account or a connected Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account. Before signing in using a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account, the staff member or client must first connect their account. For more information about connecting social media accounts to […]