Staff roles

Staff roles

Staff roles allow you to control what your staff members can see and change in WellnessLiving. This is done by assigning staff roles with specific permissions to your staff members. For example, assigning a staff member the default Business Owner staff role allows them to view and change all settings […]

Staff role permissions

Staff role permissions give you the ability to control the level of access your staff members have to the WellnessLiving system. These permissions allow you to limit your staff members’ ability to make modifications to your business configuration or access sensitive information. Limiting staff role permissions also makes WellnessLiving easier […]

Saba Single Sign-in

Staff members who are assigned a staff role with the Enable SABA permission can use Saba single sign-in, which makes it easier to manage Saba accounts. With Saba single sign-in, staff members will be automatically logged in to their Saba account when they log in to WellnessLiving, eliminating the need […]

Creating or modifying a staff role

Staff roles determine the permissions staff members have in WellnessLiving. If the default staff roles are not sufficient for your business, you can create new staff roles or modify existing staff roles. For example, you may want to give your front desk employees additional booking privileges, or you may want […]

Setting notification settings for a staff role

Your automated staff notifications send staff members essential information via email, SMS message, and push notifications. The types of notifications sent to a staff member depend on their staff role and staff role permissions. All staff members assigned to the same staff role will receive the same notifications. NoteModifying the […]

Assigning a staff role to a staff member

It is important to assign staff roles to your staff members if you want to limit what they can change or see in WellnessLiving. If you had forgotten to assign staff roles to your staff members, or if you want to assign newly created staff roles, follow the instructions below. […]

Deactivating a staff role

You cannot currently delete staff roles in WellnessLiving. You can deactivate an existing staff role so that it will not appear as an option in staff role settings on a staff member’s profile. To deactivate or reactivate a staff role: Click the App Drawer button . In the App Drawer, […]