Alert types
Alerts are in-software notifications that are sent to staff members whenever certain events occur, such as new service bookings. Alerts are found within the Alert Center. This article describes the different types of alerts available in the system. To learn how to customize your alert settings, see Managing your Alert […]
Enabling or disabling automated notifications
You can enable or disable individual staff and client automated notifications across your business. Enabled notifications will be sent to all clients and staff members with the appropriate notification settings. Disabled notifications will not be sent. For information about modifying your automated notification templates and send rules, see Customizing automated […]
Switching between businesses
If your staff member has a staff member profile in different businesses with WellnessLiving, they can easily switch between businesses to manage clients and their schedules in each business. Staff members can select the business they want to sign in to by going to their profile flyout menu. To learn […]
Connecting a staff member’s Google Calendar
You can connect and sync a staff member’s Google Calendar with WellnessLiving. When connected, the staff member’s service bookings on the WellnessLiving schedule are added to their Google Calendar. If a virtual service is scheduled, the virtual meeting link will be automatically added to their Google Calendar as well. Similarly, […]
Google and Outlook Calendar synchronization rules
When connecting a staff member’s Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar with WellnessLiving, there are certain rules you need to keep in mind. In this article: Items that won’t be synced to Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or WellnessLiving: Recurring events created in Google or Outlook Calendar. Events created in Google or […]
Changing a staff member’s email
You can change the email address associated with a staff member’s profile. This email is used by staff to sign in to the Client Web App and Elevate Staff App and to receive staff notifications. To learn more about how to change a client’s email address, see changing a client’s […]
Adding a calendar file (.ics) to a personal calendar
A file with the .ics extension is a calendar file that contains information such as the title, summary, start time, and end time for a scheduled service. WellnessLiving includes a calendar file as an attachment to certain automated email notifications that are sent to clients and staff members. Clients and […]