Saba Single Sign-in
Staff members who are assigned a staff role with the Enable SABA permission can use Saba single sign-in, which makes it easier to manage Saba accounts. With Saba single sign-in, staff members will be automatically logged in to their Saba account when they log in to WellnessLiving, eliminating the need […]
Managing tasks in the task manager
The task manager organizes short-term and long-term tasks for staff members. You can follow the progress of each task to ensure assigned tasks are completed. Tasks can be edited or deleted. You can change the email, SMS, and/or Push notification settings staff members receive every time a new task is […]
Adding a task in the task manager
The task manager is a tool to create and assign tasks to staff members to better streamline day-to-day operations. A task can be given a due date and its progress can be tracked. To add a task in the task manager: On the Task Manager page, click ADD TASK . […]
Opening the task manager and viewing tasks
The task manager is a tool for creating, assigning, and organizing short and long term tasks for your staff members. You can view tasks by using custom filtered data, including date range, staff member, and task status.   To open the task manager and view tasks: On the Task Manager […]