Staff Widget

The Staff Widget can be embedded onto your website or placed on your Facebook page to display an overview of your staff members. Staff members are listed on the widget with their profile picture and name. The widget can be configured to display staff members from all locations or to […]

Adding a tip to an Appointment

After a client has booked an Appointment, a tip can be added for a staff member from the schedule. Tips added this way will appear as a separate line item on the Payroll Details Report on the date the Appointment was scheduled. To add a tip to an Appointment: Click the Appointment to […]

Sending a password reset email

Staff members can initiate a password reset for other staff members or clients. Staff members must have the Manage staff profiles and Manage client profiles permissions enabled to initiate a password reset for another staff member or client, respectively. For more information, see Staff role permissions. If a client or […]


There are two ways your staff members can receive tips (or gratuities) on purchases from the store. You can enable a tip box to appear at checkout in the store by Setting up tips for staff members. Staff members can also receive tips by Adding a tip to an Appointment.

Disabling welcome emails for Constant Contact

By default, when a new client is added to your list of Constant Contact clients, the system will automatically send an email to welcome the new client to your business. If you have set up a welcome email in WellnessLiving and do not want to send multiple emails to clients […]

Reviewing your imported staff profiles

Though the import of your staff is included as part of the QUICK Setup from your current software provider, it’s very important to review them prior to your launch date to ensure the configuration is perfect; otherwise you may find staff aren’t able to perform key business functions. Review the […]

Locating disabled notifications

Only activated or enabled notifications are shown in the Client Notification and Staff Notification lists by default. This means that if a notification has been disabled or deactivated, it will no longer show in the list by default. To locate disabled notifications: On the Notifications menu, click Staff Notifications or Client Notifications. Click […]