Push notifications

A push notification is a message sent by the Achieve Client App or Elevate Staff App that automatically alerts a client or staff member via their mobile device. These messages may be reminders for Appointments, confirmations for booked Classes, or virtually any other note regarding a past or future interaction […]

Turning off push notifications

You can stop sending push notifications to your clients or staff members by turning them off in your settings. For more information, see Push notifications. If your clients are receiving unwanted push notifications related to your business, they will need to manually turn off push notifications from their device’s settings. […]

Setting up multiple commission pay rates for a staff member

Multiple commission pay rates can be created and paid to a staff member for product sales and services. For example, you could set up and pay an instructor one commission rate for selling merchandise and memberships, and a different commission rate for classes and appointments. For commission pay rates for product […]

Task manager

The task manager is a tool for creating and assigning tasks to specific staff members with due dates and any pertinent information. These tasks can organize your staff and streamline your day-to-day activities through automatic communication regarding staff assignments. You can view tasks by using custom filtered data, including date […]

Overriding a staff member’s notifications

The notifications a staff member receives are determined by the notification settings for their assigned staff role. However, you can override the notification settings for an individual staff member and select specific notifications to send to them. If you adjust the notification settings in a staff member’s profile, the changes […]

Staff role permissions

Staff role permissions give you the ability to control the level of access your staff members have to the WellnessLiving system. These permissions allow you to limit your staff members’ ability to make modifications to your business configuration or access sensitive information. Limiting staff role permissions also makes WellnessLiving easier […]

Setting up tips for staff members

You can allow clients to tip your staff members by enabling tips in the Store Settings. With tips enabled, you can also set up predefined tips for the Elevate Staff App, which allow tips to be quickly added with the tap of a button on the app’s checkout screen. Calculation […]

Opening a staff member’s client profile

A client profile is created automatically for each staff member when their staff profile is created. You can view a staff member’s client profile to interact with them as you would any client at your business. You can also access a staff member’s client profile by clicking the Search button […]

Opening a staff member’s profile

To view or make changes to a staff member’s settings, you need to open their individual profile. To open a staff member’s profile: Click the App Drawer button . In the App Drawer, click Setup. On the Setup menu, click Staff. On the Staff menu, click Staff Members. Click the […]

Deleting a Time Clock entry

You may want to delete a Time Clock entry if a staff member was clocked in incorrectly, or has multiple entries when they should have only one. You can also do the following: Adjusting a Time Clock entry Adding a Time Clock entry For more information, see The Time Clock. To […]