Adjusting a time clock entry
Video Tutorial You can adjust a time clock entry to reflect the correct number of hours or minutes that a staff member worked. You can only adjust a time clock entry that has occurred in the past and has been clocked out. Therefore, if you want to adjust the clock-in […]
Clocking other staff members in and out
Video Tutorial You can manually clock staff members in and out using the time clock to ensure their working hours are logged. Staff members can only be clocked in for the current business day. You can also do the following for previous days: Adjusting a time clock entry Deleting a […]
The time clock
The time clock tracks your staff members’ working hours at your business. Staff members can clock themselves in and out through the user menu, and you can also add or adjust time clock entries manually. When a staff member clocks in or out, their actions are recorded in the edit […]
Clocking in and out
You can use the time clock to track your staff members’ hours and automatically calculate your hourly payroll. Staff members can clock themselves in and out through the user menu. Staff members can also clock in and out from the Elevate Staff App. For more information, see Elevate Staff App: […]
Switching to and from client view
As a staff member, you can switch to client view to book services, purchase items, or simply review changes made within WellnessLiving. When you are done, you can switch back to staff view the same way. After you switch to client view or staff view, if you click the back […]
Email variables
Email variables can be used in your automated notifications and automated marketing campaigns to add customized details to your message. All variables are enclosed within square brackets to distinguish them from regular text. For example, in the introduction of the Purchase Receipt email notification, the variables [Fullname], [Purchase], [Date], and […]
Staff notification types
This article describes all the staff notifications available in WellnessLiving. For more information about staff notifications, see automated notifications. For more information on how to modify staff notifications, see Customizing automated notifications. When using staff notifications, keep in mind the following information: Some notifications are sent only to staff members who […]
Deactivating a staff role
You cannot currently delete staff roles in WellnessLiving. You can deactivate an existing staff role so that it will not appear as an option in staff role settings on a staff member’s profile. To deactivate or reactivate a staff role: Click the App Drawer button . In the App Drawer, […]
Automated email template settings
This article describes all the options available when customizing automated notifications and automated marketing campaigns. Several templates have the Email send rules setting that allows you to specify when your notifications will be sent out. When you set the Email send rules for an automated notification or automated marketing campaign, […]