Store settings

Store settings

You can configure the settings for your store through your store settings page. These settings will be applied to all transactions at your location. The table below provides an explanation of how each setting works. Setting Description Currency The currency that your business uses is displayed in this section. You […]

Managing custom payment methods

In addition to WellnessLiving’s default payment methods, you can create, modify, and delete custom payment methods. Custom payment methods are additional payment methods clients can use at checkout. All account type custom payment methods (e.g., insurance) must be added to a client’s account before they can be used. To enable […]

Revenue categories

Revenue categories are a way to track and analyze sales activity. When creating or modifying a service, Purchase Option, package, gift card, product, Book-a-Spot asset, or Groupon deal, you have the option to assign it to one or more revenue categories or create new revenue categories. You can assign a revenue category when you want to organize and filter data using specific variables for sales or income reports. This normally applies to primary groups like Appointments or secondary groups such as massages, facials, or spa treatments. When you […]