Drop-in rates

Drop-in rates provide an alternative way for your clients to pay for an individual service booking instead of using a Purchase Option. For example, if a client wants to try one of your classes but doesn’t want to purchase a 6-month membership, they can select the drop-in rate and purchase […]

Disabling auto-renew for an individual purchase option

After a client buys an auto-renewing purchase option, such as a membership or session pass, you can disable auto-renew for that client’s individual purchase option. This change will only apply to that client’s purchase option. Other purchase options of the same type will not be affected. To disable auto-renew for […]

Finding clients with customized purchase options

You can find and view all your clients who have customized purchase options using the client list. To find clients with customized purchase options: Next to Applied Filters, clear any applied filters by clicking the Remove filter button . Click the Advanced Filter button and select Edited Purchase Options. Under […]

Store categories and layout

Store categories can be used to organize the items in your store. Purchase Options, products, gift cards, and Events can be placed in one or more store categories. Your store is equipped with default categories, which you can modify and you can create as many custom store categories as you […]

Making a one-time payment to a membership

From a client’s membership payment schedule, you can make a one-time payment. This allows your clients to make convenient payments towards their membership fees outside of their scheduled payment cycle. If the client has an outstanding amount owing on their account, the one-time payment will be applied to it first. […]

Memberships by Location Details Report (Enterprise Report)

The Memberships by Location Details Report is an enterprise report that displays a list of all client memberships that were active, expired, or on hold for all franchise locations during the selected date range. You can use the Memberships by Location Details Report to view membership details in each of your franchise locations.  In this article: To view the Memberships by Location Details Report Summary cards […]