Adding a tip to an appointment
After a client has booked an appointment, a tip can be added for a staff member from the schedule. Tips added using this method will appear as a separate line item on the Payroll Details Report on the date the appointment was scheduled. To add a tip to an appointment: […]
You can configure the store settings in WellnessLiving to allow your staff members to receive tips (or gratuities). There are two ways your staff members can receive tips: You can enable a Tip field to appear at checkout in the store. For more information, see Setting up tips for staff […]
Setting up tips for staff members
You can allow clients to tip your staff members by enabling tips in the store settings. With tips enabled, you can also set up predefined tip amounts, which allow tips to be quickly added when booking an appointment for a client on the Elevate Staff App. Calculation of tips are […]