User interface

The Top Nav Bar

The Top Nav Bar is a menu displayed at the top of every page in the browser version of WellnessLiving that provides quick access to the numerous features offered by WellnessLiving. You can control which buttons appear on the Top Nav Bar to make navigation easier and more efficient for […]

List and Tile Views

Several pages within WellnessLiving offer the option to sort by List or Tile View. This option will affect the appearance and organization of each page, allowing you to view information as you need. Some of the pages that offer List or Tile View options include your setup pages for Staff […]

Customizing the Top Nav Bar

You can control which buttons appear on the Top Nav Bar to make navigation simpler and more efficient for you and your staff members. To rearrange the Top Nav Bar, simply click and hold the button you want to move and drag it to a new location on the bar. […]

Customizing the App Drawer

The App Drawer is used for quick access to all the apps and features of WellnessLiving from any page. You can customize the App Drawer to show the apps that you need in the way that you want. For a description of the App Drawer functions, see Using the App […]

Using the App Drawer

You can use the App Drawer to quickly access the apps and features of WellnessLiving. You can open apps from any page using the App Drawer and learn about any app by viewing its description. You can also customize the App Drawer to only display the apps you need.  You […]

Opening a web app

The following web apps are accessible from the App Drawer: Client Web App Self Registration App Attendance Web App Self Check-in Web App Opening the Self Check-In Web App or the Attendance Web App will log you out of WellnessLiving. If you are opening the Self Registration Web App for […]

Enabling and disabling QUICK Auto Check-In

QUICK auto check-in allows a staff member to check a client into a booked service directly from the search field in the Top Nav Bar. If a client has multiple services booked for the day, the staff member must check the client into the selected service manually from the client’s […]