Using the schedule

Viewing an attendance list
You can view the attendance list of a class or event from the schedule. From an attendance list, you can: Contact clients who are booked into the service. Book clients into the class or event. Navigate to the enrollment list for the event instance. View or change information about clients […]
Appointments on the schedule
In this article, you will find a complete breakdown of what you see on the appointment menu that appears when you click an appointment on the schedule.   Element Description Appointment information Information about the booked appointment is shown at the top of the menu. The following information is displayed: […]
Late cancels
Late cancel is is an attendance status that can be applied to client visits to indicate that they canceled a service too close to the start time. In WellnessLiving, the late cancel status carries some built-in functionality to make sure you’re compensated fairly when your customer cancels a service too […]
Reconciling unpaid visits
If a client has unpaid visits on their account, you can reconcile them using an accepted payment method or a Purchase Option applicable to the service. You can reconcile unpaid visits from the store, schedule, attendance list, client’s profile, Elevate Staff App or from appointments or event sessions in which […]
Filtering the schedule
You can filter the schedule by location, staff member, service type, or appointment status to display only the information you need. If you want to save your filter settings for future use, you can save your settings as a filter view. Saved filter views can be modified, deleted, set as […]