Using your store

Selling a QUICK gift card

After you set up your QUICK gift card template, staff members can create and sell QUICK gift cards through your store. To sell a QUICK gift card, you must add one or more Purchase Option or product to the shopping cart in the store, then create a QUICK gift card. This […]

Enrolling a client in a wellness program

After you have created and activated a wellness program, you can enroll a client in it through your store. When you add a wellness program to a client’s shopping cart, you must select the program into which they are enrolling and then enter their enrollment information. After the wellness program […]

Redeeming a gift card

You can sell various types of gift cards to your clients through WellnessLiving. Staff members can redeem gift cards for a client during checkout or from their client profile. After a gift card has been sold to a client, but before it is redeemed, the gift card’s information can be […]

Printing a gift card

You can print any unredeemed gift card that has been sold to a client. When printing a gift card from a client’s profile, you can only print the gift card from the profile of the client to whom the gift card was sold. To redeem a printed gift card, the […]

Selling a gift card

After you have created and activated a gift card, you can sell it through your store. Gift cards can be emailed or printed, or you can give a client a custom physical gift card after selling them a gift card through your store. To learn how to sell a QUICK […]

Using a barcode scanner for products

Each product can be associated with a barcode. A product’s barcode is a unique identifying number that can be used in the store to quickly add the product to the shopping cart when making a sale. In this article: To assign a barcode to a product: On the Products page, […]

Printing receipts

Receipts can be printed from various areas of the WellnessLiving system. Review the instructions below to learn how to print receipts from these areas. If you are using a Star Printer with a computer that has a Mac operating system, you must download and install the appropriate software to use […]


After every purchase, an invoice receipt is generated by the WellnessLiving system. These receipts can be printed or emailed to the client who purchased them at any time. There are two types of receipts: Purchase receipt – A receipt that is sent to the customer when they make a purchase. […]