Troubleshooting: Why do widgets open in a new tab in Safari?

Problem An embedded widget opens in a new window when attempting to use it via the Safari web browser. Solution This issue occurs when the Prevent cross-site tracking setting is enabled in Safari for iOS users. This setting detects and eliminates cookies and other data used for cross-site tracking. When […]

Adding custom CSS to a website widget

You can add custom CSS to your website widgets to apply custom styles that match your business’s website and branding. To add custom CSS to a website widget: On the Website Widgets menu, click the type of widget to which you want to add custom CSS. If you select Custom […]

FAQ: Presence Websites

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Presence. If your question isn’t addressed in this article, consider posting it on WellnessLiving’s Community Forum.

Obtaining information for your Presence website

There are several web pages and features on your Presence website that display information that is pulled directly from your WellnessLiving account. If you make changes to the information in these areas of your WellnessLiving account, it will be automatically updated on your Presence website. To learn more about Presence […]

Sharing the Custom Schedule Widget via a link

You can create a link to the Custom Schedule Widget and share it with your clients without needing to embed a widget into your website. To generate the Custom Schedule Widget link: Click the custom schedule widget for which you want to share a link. At the top of the […]

Blog posts for your Presence custom website

You can add blog pages to your Presence custom website. Having a blog and writing about topics that provide value to your audience can enhance your business’s professional image, engage existing clients, and attract new ones. To learn how to create blogs for your Presence custom website, see Writing Posts […]

Organizing services on the schedule

The order in which services appear on the schedule and the Custom Schedule Widget is dependent on the time of the service and their order on their respective pages in the Setup menu. Appointments and assets will not be displayed on the Custom Schedule Widget. Below is a list of […]

Recommended size and format for Presence images

When you sign up for Presence with WellnessLiving, you will be given a link to a OneDrive folder where you can upload images that will be used in your Presence custom website. To ensure the images do not appear out of proportion or cropped, you must upload images that adhere […]