WellnessLiving Makes Staff Management a Breeze

Posted on: 22 Jun, 2018

Whether you have a large or small business, you might have some trouble managing your staff. WellnessLiving provides you with the software that you need to help you resolve your staff management issues. The management software makes staff management a breeze. Find out how the software can help you.   […]

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B2B Marketing Tips That You Should Know

Posted on: 13 Jun, 2018

When you’re working on B2B wellness marketing, there are many challenges. However, you can have great success if you can overcome the challenges and have a successful marketing campaign. Follow these tips and you can reap the benefits of a successful campaign.   Use the Internet of Things Thanks to […]

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Wellness Business Tips: Understanding What Clients Want

Posted on: 01 Jun, 2018

If you want success in your wellness business, then you need to understand the needs and wants of your clients. Fortunately, having some insight into that is easier than you might think. Follow these wellness business tips to better understand what your clients want.   Put Yourself in Your Client’s […]

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Three Tech Trends in the Fitness Industry

Posted on: 31 May, 2018

The fitness industry is always changing. If you stay knowledgeable about those changes, then you can keep your business going in the right direction. Find out which three tech trends you should know about this year. Then, capitalize on those trends to gain and maintain your clients.   Wearable Technology […]

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Why You Should Consider Loyalty Incentives to Attract New Members

Posted on: 28 May, 2018

Incentive programs offer an opportunity to attract new members and to grow your business. Loyalty programs encourage a client to keep coming back to your business, organically boosting your customer retention capabilities. If you’re considering ways to attract new members, consider the reasons below to implement a customer loyalty program. […]

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