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Stephanie Breaux Bradley

Stephanie Bradley

Founder of Breaux Bradley Consulting, Business Consultant, Strategist 

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Area of Expertise
Sales Marketing Consulting and Coaching
Industry Type
Fitness Wellness
Canada USA

As a Certified Business Consultant, Stephanie Bradley partners with motivated fitness and wellness studio owners to formulate a customized plan focused on business process improvement, financial solutions and revenue growth. As a former wealth management analyst and franchise barre studio owner, Stephanie is uniquely positioned to create effective sales processes, assess value-based pricing and assist with organizational structure – based on authentic, relatable, and data-driven feedback. Stephanie is known for her southern wit and straightforward approach when it comes to working with her clients. She feels it’s vital to have a clear understanding of the numbers to take the fear out of the process and ensure more focused decision making across the board as you move forward. 

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