Post-migration verification

After you have finished your migration process (using the migration guides listed in the Setup knowledge page), you can start your verification process, where you can ensure that all the migrated information is up-to-date and correct for your business. Once this is complete, you can start customizing all your options, training your staff on our system, and begin conducting business as usual!

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Log in and look around

After you receive your account details, you’re ready to go:

  1. Sign in to your Wellnessliving account.
  2. Become familiar with some of the main elements of the WellnessLiving user interface:

Verify your business settings

We will have already entered many of your business settings for you. Review your business settings and make any changes required.

Verify your location settings

We entered your location details but you should review and verify them. Review all your available location settings and edit your location(s) as required.

There are two important sections under your location settings that we couldn’t complete for you. Be sure to configure these settings:

Customize your automated notifications

To save you time and keep your clients engaged, WellnessLiving sends automated notifications when certain events trigger them. Be sure to customize your automated notifications! It’s really important to pay close attention to making these your own, to make your clients feel like they’re talking directly to you.

  • Start with the welcome email that is sent to all your clients when they join you on WellnessLiving. When we first import your clients into the system, they will all receive this welcome message. Try to make this one of your most engaging and personally crafted messages. Your clients will definitely notice!
  • Be sure to customize the review request. This email will be sent to all clients that attend a new appointment, class, or event session, requesting that they provide feedback. Depending on how engaged your message is with your clients, you may just see wildly different results! This feedback will be invaluable in improving your services, and will help advertise your business as genuine testimonials for all to see on your WellnessLiving directory listing.

Both of these automated notifications can be found under Client notifications.

Add your staff

  1. Review staff roles and staff role permissions.
  2. Review staff members and add your staff members into the system. Ensure that you:

Add your services and payment methods

  1. Review the differences between servicespurchase options, gym visits, and packages.
  2. Add your business class types, appointment types, and events.
  3. Add your purchase options.

Add custom widgets to your website

Whether it’s lead acquisition or a schedule for your clients to book classes, learn about our embedded widgets, and add one to your site. If you need any help with this step, we’re here for you. Call us directly at 1-855-601-2900.

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